Welcome to Card Creators Coven

A community by Studio429 to create and test your divination deck for yourself and clients.

About Card Creators Coven

You want a deck that truly speaks to you and your clients and what they need.

One that doesn’t water down the messaging, or get super serious, or go way out into the spiritual Universe. You know your clients and what they need. The decks you have are great, they just aren’t YOURS. They just don’t fully speak to what your clients need.

By creating your own deck, you have complete control over the messaging, how it’s designed, who it’s speaking to, and the vibe you want it to have. It’s yours. Designed just for you and your clients. 

Why You Should Join Us

  • Community! This is my first priority - to create safe space where we can share the deepest parts of ourselves and the work we do through art. 
  • Learn the supplies and techniques needed to create your deck.
  • Meditate and channel your highest self and Angel Team to receive messages for your cards. With new meditations each month (Premium) you'll have new inspiration to keep creating.
  • Accountability to create weekly, developing your practice.
  • Be able to share what you found and receive feedback or guidance from others if you wish.
  • Understand the difference between types of decks - tarot vs oracle, what style you want yours to be, and how to complete the deck.
  • Weekly card pulls and prompts for guidance on what to create that week.

What you can expect each month in the coven:

  • Monthly video calls to work together on your cards. 
  • Weekly check-ins in the group.
  • Encouragement to share the card you've just made, ask for feedback if you need it, and do the same for others.
  • Every time I begin a live call, I pull a card for the energy of the meeting, and when we kick off our monthly meeting, I’ll invite someone to do the card pull to get us started. A great way to practice, and test your deck. 
  • Other opportunities to share a reading with the group, and test your cards. Such as round robin readings where each person pulls a card for the one before them.
  • New tips and tricks to creating and using your cards for both new, and seasoned readers. Exercises to engage creativity, energy work to clear and energize your deck, new spreads, etc. 
  • Creator tips such as ways to upgrade your cards.

A big thanks!

I want to thank each and every person who has joined the community and assisted in developing the workshop that launched this platform.

Two Membership Levels:

Card Creators Coven: A level for those who know how to create their deck, but want a little accountability and a community they can reach out to for support and guidance.

Card Creators Coven Premium: For those who want more face to face time with me each month for Q&A, energy and art techniques, on top of the community support. 

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